The Tidal Wave or The Cross

Imagine you are on a beach.  There’s the ocean, representing the world and also in the sand directly in front of the ocean is a large cross standing tall, representing the Lord and His mighty power.

Our eyes are to stay fixed on the Lord throughout our lives. The word of God is clear that we are to seek His face continually (Psalm 105:4).  I understand that as, we are to “choose” to turn and seek the Lord’s face at all times.

I imagine it like this.  When I take my eyes off the Lord (the cross) and place them onto my problems, concerns, pains, heartaches, circumstances (the waves in the ocean), then I lose my focus.  In that moment I take my eyes off the Lord, then Satan has more room to strike at me, which will then produce fear, worry, depression, anger, bitterness, doubt, confusion, frustration, negativity and much more.   If I do not choose to resist Satan, my problems (the waves) will gain strength.  If I do not choose to focus back onto the Lord, then my problems (the waves) will gain so much strength that they will eventually turn into a tidal wave of destruction.  This tidal wave in my life then carries me out into the ocean.  The waves crash over and around me to the point I feel like I am drowning.  I am convinced that I will never get out of this. The fear is so intense but in the corner of my eye as I come up gasping for air, I see the cross, (the Lord) standing tall and untouched.  It never left.  A peace came over me that was unbelievable.  This peace gave me so much strength to continue to endure, to persevere in the midst of the struggle.  The waves are still crashing but now I have a trust in the Lord and renewed strength (Isaiah 40:13).  I am hopeful that I will survive.  I then lock eyes with that cross and I “choose” to continue to stay focused on it no matter how hard it may seem in the midst of this storm.  This tidal wave is determined to kill and destroy me.  I know that this is the work of Satan, to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). But I also know as long as I “choose” to stay focused on that cross (the Lord) and “choose” to resist Satan, then Satan will flee from me (James 4:7).

I will look to the Lord and His strength and I will seek His face continually (Psalm 105:4). Thank you Lord that you never leave me or forsake me (Hebrew 13:5).

Surrender.   Let go.  Stop fighting against the waves in your life.  The Lord is right there.  Seek Him and you will find Him.

Be Love Give Love~Abby

About the Author


Abby Lewis has a degree in Health and Wellness and her massage therapy license. She is the author of Living Still and producer of A Breath~in Stillness. Her life’s work is to passionately encourage others to experience transformation of spirit, mind and body by learning to practice “living still.”