Eat to Live

We must love ourselves enough to change the relationship we have with food; we must learn to eat to live, rather than to live to eat. We also must learn to pay very close attention to what we put into our bodies. What you put in your body is either “life” or “death.”

You have probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” But, what does that imply? Most of us would probably agree that this statement is true. But, do we really understand what it means? Perhaps more importantly, does believing that this statement is true affect the food and drink choices we make each day? It really should. After all, how well our bodies function is directly related to what we put in them.

If you are consuming more “death” than “life,” then your body likely shows signs of dysfunction. These signs are sometimes life-threatening diseases. But more often, they indicate what we might call “annoying” problems—difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, weakened immune system, fatigue or a host of other issues. We convince ourselves that these types of problems are an inevitable part of life, and we neglect to see the correlation to our diets.

There is so much information available now encouraging us to adopt a more balanced diet. Take time to learn about the foods that are life-giving. Commit to avoiding, or limiting, the foods or ingredients that feed you “death.” As I continued to climb the ladder out of my dark valley, God directed me to information that has greatly impacted the health of my temple. My perspective on food has completely changed, and I now place great importance on feeding my body “life.”

Over the years I have studied a lot about the effects of alkaline and acidic foods in our diets. Research indicates that inflammation, disease and viruses cannot live in an alkaline environment. Unfortunately, many of the foods we are accustomed to eating are highly acidic, so many of us may be walking around with the perfect internal environment for disease to flourish.

I have adjusted my diet so that it is slightly alkaline which, in combination with taking care of my spirit and mind, has helped keep my body healthy, free of disease and illness for the past eight years. I consider alkaline foods as “life” and acidic foods as “death.” When I keep my diet tipped toward alkalinity, I see my body bear the benefits of health and vitality. However, if I allow my diet to tip more toward acidity, I feel its effects and, long-term, may see the consequences of deterioration, disease, illness and pain.

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