How to Prepare for the Storms of Life

I am amazed…but not really… 😉 that just a few nights ago Tim and I were talking about the what ifs. What if there was a large earthquake and there was a tsunami threat to Hawaii where we currently live. We talked about how that would play out if we were hit by a tsunami. Well as of two hours ago Hawaii is under a tsunami watch due to a large earthquake in Chile..(update…the waves created by the earthquake settled down before arriving to the islands.) We figured major power outage for us and prices going up and supplies running low. That night we felt lead to go through our emergency kits.  We also felt a prompting to go to the store to get more supplies, food and cash…just in case the leading of the Holy Spirit was correct 🙂

I love living tuned into the presence of God. He promises to take care of us and supply all our needs. We need to just take the time to stay plugged into Him daily and listen to Him. This is why I wrote the book Living Still, to teach you how to stay in step with the Holy Spirit…how to live in the presence of God daily…how to hear and listen to the Spirit of God. Times like these I am so grateful I choose to be still with God as often as I do so I can be prepared and peaceful in the midst of any storm and be His light to all who are around me during a time of need.

So the key to being prepared for the storms of life is to take the time to be still and listen to God…to keep your ear tuned into Him. Do you need help learning how to do this, then take a look at my book Living Still.  I am confident it will encourage you and help you.

Be Love, Give Love


Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account

Recently I deactivated my Facebook account. Why you might ask?

To be honest I have been pondering doing it for awhile now….months. I have literally wrestled with whether or not to let my Facebook account go. I have found myself so torn between the amount of time it takes away from me being fully present with my 4 year old son and my husband….my family…my number one ministry. You see I love encouraging others. I love to write uplifting posts on Facebook but the domino effect that happens after I post something was the big problem. The likes, comments, shares, messages sent to me regarding the post was so great but very distracting and time consuming. I loved knowing that what I felt lead to write was having an effect on others and people were being encouraged and touched but not at the cost of taking precious time away from my number one ministry. To be honest I began to feel like I was becoming more drawn to Facebook to help people than I was to my own family at times. I reached for my phone first thing in the morning to see what was going on in the Facebook world and at night I was snuggling up with my phone and Facebook. My time with God was slowly but surely getting pushed to the back. I was justifying my time on Facebook because, well…I was encouraging people….I was reading some good stuff on Facebook at times too, like bible verses and other inspiring post, so that should count for my time with God, right? In the midst of writing positive posts and reassuring others, it seemed I was getting sucked into the 24/7 reality show of the life of my “friends”. My mind was becoming noisy and chaotic again. And when my mind is noisy and chaotic, fears rise up within me. It was becoming an addiction. I felt convicted many times that something needed to change. I hungered for that deep place of stillness again.

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The Traffic Jams of Life


Recently I got stuck in a major traffic jam. To top it off my husband, who had  just been released from the hospital after having shoulder surgery, was in the passenger seat and my 4 year old was in the back seat.  The traffic was so thick and barely moving for hours. For long periods of time it wasn’t moving at all. There was nothing I could do. The situation was completely out of my control but how I responded to it was in my control.  I chose to remain calm and peaceful. For a couple hours, both Shia and Tim were asleep. I took advantage of the stillness time with the Lord and He began speaking to my heart. He said, “this traffic jam is much like your journey in life as you are growing in Me. Little by little I chisel away the junk within you. It takes time and lots of patience as you trust Me, the master potter, to mold you as I see fit. Sometimes you feel you are moving at snail speed in life, while other times you feel you aren’t moving or progressing forward at all.” There were times during the traffic jam I did gain speed up to 20 mph, I was hopeful it was over but it was for such a short time and then back to 0-5 mph. At this point I did want to cry in frustration, no one likes to be slowed back down in life when you just gain some momentum. But I regained my focus and chose to stay calm and peaceful. The Lord began speaking again. [Read more…]

Is Social Media Distracting Me From God?

Time with God


I am here…I have always been here, yet you keep on scrolling. I see you and I know your thoughts. You can’t hide from me. You cry in great pain, you’re hurting, yet you keep on scrolling. You’re hanging onto bitterness, you’re angry, yet you keep on scrolling. You need wisdom, clarity, direction, yet you keep on scrolling. You are confused, you’re frightened and overwhelmed, yet you keep on scrolling. You have lost hope, you feel helpless, yet you keep on scrolling. You lack confidence, you have feelings of insecurity, yet you keep on scrolling. You are filled with greed, envy, and dissatisfaction, yet you keep on scrolling. You are sad and depressed, worried and fearful, yet you keep on scrolling. [Read more…]

How to Hear the Voice of God

Do you feel like you hear the still small voice of God on a regular bases speaking to your heart? Are you asking for guidance and direction but not hearing anything? Let me ask you another question, how much are you listening to the voices of this world through social media, news, TV programs, internet surfing, newspapers, books, etc? Maybe it is time you turn down the voices of this world, take time to truly be still and turn up the voice of God. [Read more…]

How to Deepen Your Relationship with God

“Having a deep, loving, real, intimate relationship with God will empower you to be a world changer.  It will make a huge difference not just in your life but in everybody else’s as well.” Joyce Meyer

How do you develop this sort of relationship with God?  Well…how do you develop any sort of relationship like I just described.  You spend good quality time with them.  You get to know them, their likes and dislikes. You listen to them. You serve them. You delight in being with them and so on.  It is the same thing with your relationship with God.  The more quality time you spend in His presence, the more your relationship will deepen.  You will get to know Him, His likes and dislikes more.  You will begin to delight in being with Him and your desire to listen, obey and serve Him will grow. [Read more…]

God is Refining Us in the Midst of Our Trials

A Living Still Moment: One of my favorite verses to meditate on during hard times is found in James 1:2-4 Amplified Bible (AMP) Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations. Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience. But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.

So I looked up the definitions of endurance, steadfastness and patience…the three key things God is refining in us in the midst of our trials. Lets break this down some more. [Read more…]

Are You Spiritually Starving?

Jeremiah 29:13

I filled my bird feeders today and within a few hours a bird found the harvest, and then another joined in, followed by several others, until there were a whole flock of birds partaking of the abundant harvest I provided for them. I imagine that the birds “choose” to look around wholeheartedly for such a harvest as this and when they find it they are filled.

I am reminded of the verse found in Jeremiah 29:13 NLT that reads — If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. [Read more…]

Love In Action

be love give love

A Living Still Moment:

I love it when God moves on my heart to step out and do something a bit out of the box.  Last week Shia and I went for a walk and ending up at a park to play.  Shia was playing as normal but my eyes were drawn to this particular mom who had her newborn tucked closely to her chest in a swaddle carrier while she was playing and interacting with her 2 year old son.  I am not much of a people watcher but I am open to be lead by the Spirit to move as He moves me.  My eyes kept noticing how patient, attentive, loving and encouraging she was with her children.  Now days it seems rare to see such beauty in a mother.  She was so into her children that it was refreshing to see.  So I thought God was done with me but as I was packing up our stuff I noticed she was too.  We began to leave the park heading in different directions but then the Spirit spoke to my heart and said go to her, tell her what you think of her as a mother….what I showed you. So naturally I turned around and went the other direction.  By this time she was at least a couple blocks ahead of me, so I picked up the pace.  I got stopped at the cross walk stop light and was even further behind.  I decided to say never mind, I missed the opportunity and started my walk back home in the other direction.  After about 20 feet of walking the Spirit nudged me again and said she needs encouragement, go to her.  So I listened and took off running after her.  [Read more…]

Practicing Self Control

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.  James 1:19
 Do you feel like you are always saying things you shouldn’t have or reacting to people or situations in ways you know you shouldn’t?  I use to be like this.  I was quick to speak, quick to react in frustration, fear judgment and anger and was very slow at listening to people and the heart of the matter but thankfully I rarely respond this way now.  So what changed?  My spouse?  My child? … The situations?  The long lines and people at the grocery store?  The traffic and other drivers?  My boss or co workers?  My finances?  The answer to all–NO!!!  What changed was ME, my heart, my attitude, my response.  My life is completely different now and the reason it is, is because I learned the practice of Living Still and to this day I choose to practice this everyday.  It transformed my life in every way and I am confident it will do the same for you. [Read more…]