A Beautiful Example of Humility as a Parent

A must read…especially for all parents.

I had a beautiful conversation today with a good friend.  We were talking about our kids and the daily struggles parents go through.  She mentioned how her husband chooses to put himself in time-out, in front of his kids, after he has acted in a not so loving manner towards them.  Knowing her husband very well, I am confident he is choosing, during his… time-out, to refocus, pray, asking for forgiveness and help to be a better, more patient, self-controlled, loving father.  Wait…It gets better….after several minutes in time-out, he then goes to his kids and ask them, “do you know why daddy put himself in time-out?” He lets them share their individual answers and then proceeds to ask for their forgiveness.  What a beautiful example of humility he is teaching his children.

I talk about this very thing in my book Living Still.  An excerpt from Chapter 4, Taking Thoughts and Words Captive, pg. 49.  ” When children act out, many parents use a time-out as a means of redirecting a child’s behavior.  No matter what your age, there is great wisdom in learning to recognize when you need to take time out to refocus.  We give our children, and others around us, a great gift when we model the discipline to recognize negativity or un-truths in our thoughts and words, and then to take those thoughts (and words) captive.  How would our lives change if we were able to turn frustration, anger or fear into patience, love, trust and self-control?  I think we would be amazed at the difference.”

Be Love Give Love~abby
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Abby Lewis has a degree in Health and Wellness and her massage therapy license. She is the author of Living Still and producer of A Breath~in Stillness. Her life’s work is to passionately encourage others to experience transformation of spirit, mind and body by learning to practice “living still.”